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I'm excited to be revamping my website to be more informational and to showcase what I do as an entrepreneur.

One of my most requested workshops is moccasin making. I've worked with Healthy Babies/Healthy Children Program, Community programs, Community Prevention Programs, Jordan's Principle (as some examples) to offer workshops for their members/clients.

I remember making my first pair and how proud I was to see what I could do and make. It warms my heart to see the same joy when participants complete their own pair.

Check out my workshops page to view some samples and learn more about my cultural workshop.



Here's What Our Customers Think

"You have no idea how much learning this skill and getting to do this workshop meant to me. My grandma used to make moccasins when I was a kid, and she always said she'd teach me one day. But age got to her before she could share her knowledge, and her eyesight got too bad and she got arthritis in her hands. So she was the one that signed me up for your workshop, and I can't wait to make a second pair pair of moccasins for her one day. "